The J stands for the initial of his first name (Justin). REYEZ is pronounced rise, inspired by 2Pac's "All Eyez On Me" defining his fast elevation since stepping in to the music game.


J has emerged as one of the most multidimensional Asian-Canadian hip hop artists. He is known for his versatility in infusing different genres with his lyricism and DIY "Do It Yourself" of recording, directing, and editing his own music videos as well as producing his own beats. His music videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube, growing an immense international fan base. J has toured worldwide in different cities in Canada, US, Europe, UK and Australia.


J-REYEZ has collaborated numerously with K-Pop icon Jay Park and major recording artist Cassidy. He is also associated with celebrity jeweler Jimmyboi, being part of his Live2Hustle collective.


J's online presence demonstrates that he is making moves well beyond the Canadian borders. His smooth transition from verse to verse in a rhyme is continued from shot to shot in the videos he produces. He is currently working on his album "Alchemy" that is expected to release in 2019.